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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Guaranteed Increases in Retail Sales and Reductions in Product Returns

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Our proprietary profit analysis process ARDIT Method™ delivers guaranteed financial return on investment (ROI) to major retailers and global manufacturers, such as:

  • 75 to 150 basis point increases in margin rate
  • 50 to 75 percent increase in extended service plan revenue 
  • 20 percent reduction in product return ratios
  • 5 to 15 percent incremental increases in product sales

How? ARDIT consists of five sequential steps that accelerate ROI and create long-term, sustainable impact. Bill Stuart, said, “It has been our experience that traditional consultants and their processes fall short because they are based on theoretical models instead of practical and tactical real-world application. And most importantly, traditional consultants do not guarantee financial return. We do. We take 100 percent of the risk out of each engagement by specifically documenting the ROI we will acheive for a client -- in the form of dollars and cents! We never provide clients with the hope that ROI will happen -- we guarantee it. Or, we refund 100 percent of our fee. That makes it pretty darn simple”.

At a high level, ARDIT includes:

Step 1: Analysis: 

  • Interviews across every level of the organization from CEO to newest part-time salesperson
  • Review of job descriptions, compensation packages, appraisals, and turnover rates
  • Training: selling skills, leadership, report analysis, and training delivery methodology
  • Review of payroll scheduling and its effects on sales, margins, and product returns
  • Review of reports at each level of the organization including profit / loss and merchandise reports by category  
  • Recap of data and identification of existing and potential communication inconsistencies and any misalignments with goals

Step 2: Recommendations:

  • Report changes needed to simplify and identify specific process improvements
  • Changes to compensation and job descriptions
  • Improvements in expense and payroll management
  • Training programs to educate and get the entire organization focused 

Step 3: Development: we develop comprehensive and strategic recommendations including a plan for implementation, follow-up, and measuring financial ROI.

Step 4: Implement: we implement recommendations over the shortest period of time to ensure rapid return on investment. Track performance, best practices, and triage for poor performers.

Step 5: Training: we design, develop, and deliver world-class training in the following areas: 1) selling skills, 2) leadership, 3) product returns, 4) train the trainer, 5) extended service plans, and 6) returns reduction training. Training is delivered by our experts across all methods and formats. We continually track ongoing performance and financial ROI.

ARDIT begins with selecting prospective clients based on specific criteria. We then:

  • Quantify the need for ARDIT and forecast anticipated ROI
  • Evaluate the prospective client’s standing in their industry, culture of their company, existing financial performance, and critique preliminary data from mystery shops of stores/internal interviews, and a thorough website assessment
  • Conduct preliminary Strategy Review

In short, ARDIT reduces the financial impact of high product returns, mitigates the risk of high operating expenses, inconsistent behaviors of sales force and support staff, and provides leadership with best practices for achieving optimal financial ROI. Guaranteed.

Call 615.289.0007 to learn how ARDIT can deliver guaranteed ROI for your organization.

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Bill Stuart

Bill Stuart is CEO of Stuart & Associates, a retail consulting firm specializing in Sales and Margin Growth Programs and Returns Reduction Programs.

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